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Congres hechting en trauma

Congres Rome, 23 tot 25 september 2016. At this historic moment, Research on Attachment, Trauma and the human mind/brain functioning seems to be of crucial importance for billions of people. Every year, hundreds of studies bring to light new interesting findings and new insights, which slowly reveal new paths thoward helping

people to overcome complex problems related to trauma and very negative early experiences. The main goal of the Congress on Attachment and Trauma, whose past editions have been attended by more than 2,000 participants from over 40 countries, is to gather the best Expertsin the fields of Attachment, Trauma, Neurophysiology, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, to deeply understand the subtle links between experience, genetic predisposition, relationships and compassion, so as to generate in the clinical practice the necessary conditions for those who suffer, to overcome their difficulties. In this Congress, participants will have 30 minutes time for asking questions to each speaker, as well as 60 minutes during the round-table discussions. The Congress on Attachment and Trauma is an opportunity not to be missed to get to know in person those Experts who are transforming the landscape of Psychotherapy and Mental Health, and their huge knowledge on these key topics.

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